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Keep Your Dogs Looking and Feeling their Best at our Resort and Day Spa. 

For more information on our quality services, give us a call or come and check us out.


Give your dogs the best Experience at a Resort that Loves your pets as much as you do.

The Purple Shih Tzu Resort & Day Spa was designed to cater to your dog's needs. We strive to provide your pets with a safe clement controlled environment while your away. In our Day Resort we match your dogs with other like temperament dogs in play groups they also get to have private room times. We're also developing training packages for dogs and their owners to learn team skills together. With these programs you and your dog will be able to enjoy worry free outings together.

Here at The Purple Shih Tzu, we treat your dogs as if they were our own, because we want them to know that their owners want the best for them when they are with us. If you're wanting a place that understands what your dog's mean to you, give us a Call or email us today to learn more about what we offer. We serve clients in and around Burleson, Texas. We hope to meet you and your pets soon!


A Healthy Diet Means


The dog goodies we sell help keep your paw friends happy and healthy.

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